Important Year 12 Graduation Reminders


Information for students, parents and caregivers of current Year 12 Students 

Week 6 and 7 

Regular classes will finish tomorrow (end of Week 5) for all Year 12s. In Weeks 6 and 7, students who have incomplete assessment or exams will be required to be at school every day until their assessment is completed up until 3.05pm Friday 19th November. 


Exam timetables have been emailed to students and can be found on our website. 


On Monday 15th November, all Year 12s must attend school for the morning information session regarding end of year events such as formal, graduation ceremony, farewell parade and general school-leaver information. 


Students have been given a leaving school form. To complete the leaving school process, student must return textbooks (once their assessments have been completed), formal uniforms and other loaned items. 


This form needs to be submitted by Monday 15 November. On receipt on the form, students will be issued with arm bands for access to the formal for parents and approved guests. 



All tickets for students, parents and invited guests must be finalised by 3.05pm Monday 8 November. To purchase tickets, please see the Finance Officer in Admin (open between 8am – 4pm daily). Tickets will not be available to purchase at the gate. 


A reminder that this event is not open to the public and admission is based on every guest (other than the graduating students) having a school-issued wristband. The School is required to host this event as a ticketed activity in accordance with COVID regulations. There will be COVID-safe app QR check in code at various entry points to the facility in addition to your ticket (armband). 

Security will be checking wristbands upon entry. 


The first arrival will be between 5pm – 5.15pm. We expect the arrivals to be finished by approximately 6.20pm. Portrait images of student/students with their cars on the red carpet will be taken and provided for high-resolution download after the event. After the arrival of students, parents who would like a photo with their son/daughter may proceed to the Cattleman Bar area where there will be a photographer available to take images.  


The formal ceremony with presentation of graduates and speeches will commence at 6.30pm sharp and conclude at approximately 7.15pm. The parents and approved guests will be seated according to their allocated numbered armband for this ceremony. Ushers will be available to assist with location of seats.


After this time, canapes will be served on the outside grassed area near the Cattleman's Bar. Refreshments will be available for purchase from the Cattleman's Bar and soft drink canteen inside the Pavilion. 


At approximately 7.50pm, parents and approved guests will be required to depart the venue for students to enjoy their formal dinner and dancing amongst their peers. 


Farewell parent/Last day Friday 19th November 

Mandatory attendance is required for ALL graduating Year 12s on Friday 19th November. 


The day will commence with breakfast at 8am in the senior area for students. Parents and caregivers are welcome to join us in the MPS for the final parade, commencing at approximately 10am. There will be QR codes in the MPS area for parents to check in upon arrival. 


Year 12s will be expected to leave by 10.45am unless there is still assessment to be completed. 



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Last reviewed 04 November 2021
Last updated 04 November 2021